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Today we have 5 different brands, each of which is exciting and adaptable to different life situations and needs.

COCOON - Smart Mobile Homes

From individual luxury caravans to special caravans for countless applications - worldwide. Cocoon Group stands for "Excellence in Mobility" and focuses on the creation of unique mobility solutions, from towable mobile homes and ending with self-driving mobile labs for NASA needs on other planets.


PRIVYTECH - Vehicle Toilet System

Universal toilet disinfection system for all types of public transport (airplanes, ferries, trains, caravans, etc.). It disinfects surfaces and air, as well as removes unpleasant odors.


SPACE BUBBLE - Lunar Habitats

Because of its proximity to Earth, the Moon is seen by many as the best and most obvious location for the first permanent human space colony. COCOON GROUP aims to offer lunar habitats to people who will work and live there on the spot.



COCOON is the new alternative in the housing market. They can be increased and supplemented at any time according to your wishes and needs. These houses can be extended to the side, as well as creating a second and even a third floor. And when the house has become too large, the excess buildings can be easily dismantled and moved. The dismantled part of the house can become a separate fully habitable house, which can be handed over to your children, resold, or returned to us.


QUASAR - Luxury Electric SUV 

QUASAR is a high-tech luxury electric SUV, designed to those who loves travel in difficult-to-drive areas. It is designed to be luxury comfortable in any situation. But this car is made to will feel great in the city environment as well.



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If you want to cooperate with us, apply for a job or your want to invest, please contact us and we will definitely create a common language.


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