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Initially, the idea of ​​COCOON GROUP was born in 2014 to solve a very simple problem - to get to the concert venues as conveniently as possible and to sell both food and drinks from rebuilt caravan. Today, COCOON GROUP solves much more ambitious problems. We have created 5 different brands, each of which is exciting and adaptable to different life situations and needs.


COCOON GROUP was officially founded in 2016, when we started working on the development of a multifunctional mobile smart home. Over time, the need arose for various solutions. Instead of buying existing solutions and adapting them to our smart mobile home, we decided to create them ourselves, thus unifying our product, as well as introducing new and unprecedented solutions to the world market.


We've often heard, "Hey, but it's impossible" or "why do you need it so mega impressive?". We have the answer: WE DO IMPOSSIBLE.


The goal of COCOON GROUP is to develop all its products in Latvia, thus helping to create prosperity for the Latvian state and its people. And to develop the regions of Latvia so that their inhabitants do not have to migrate to larger cities or abroad. By developing regions, we make Latvia as a whole more attractive to investors.

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Promote the Economy

Rural development is an opportunity for local people to experience prosperity in their environment. Failure to do so would limit the large number of financially vulnerable people and force them to relocate to major cities or abroad. The problems caused by migration are partly related to the lack of investment in the rural environment.

Develop Latvian Specialists

Latvia without a doubt has proven itself not only as of the land that sings but the land that lives and breathes technology and innovation. After all, Minox, the microscopic camera used by spies during the Second World War, was also invented in Riga, Latvia.

We want to keep our talents, help them to develop in our country.

Right Place to Investment

Why invest in Latvia? If you are looking for advanced business partnership in Baltic region with developed infrastructure, skillful workforce and cost efficient business environment, you have come to the right place! We will provide you with all the basic information regarding taxation in Latvia, as well as service of international taxpayers and more.

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If you want to cooperate with us, apply for a job or your want to invest, please contact us and we will definitely create a common language.


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